Pizza Shelf

Neapolitan Fig, Ricotta, Brussels, Prosciutto Pizza

Before you begin


Yield: 1 Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza Dough
Fresh Mozzarella: 3oz per pie
Fresh Ricotta: 4oz mixed with 2oz cream or milk
Fig Jam or Preserves
Brussels Sprouts Leaves: about 20 tossed in salt and lemon juice
Prosciutto: 3 or four thin slices
Minced Garlic to taste
Crushed Red Pepper to taste


  1. Remove dough from fridge at least two hours before making pizza
  2. Recommended: turn on your fan/vent for increased ventilation
  3. Preheat Pizza Shelf for Neapolitan Pizza 
  4. Rip mozzarella into chunks about the size of a golf ball (no need to be exact)
  5. Flour hands, counter, and pizza peel (or back of pan)
  6. Open your first dough ball to about 12" round (our friends over at Gozney have a great video here if you need help)
  7. Slide your dough onto your floured peel or back of pan. Shake your peel to make sure the dough isn't sticking. If it is, find the part that's stuck and add more flour underneath that spot.
  8. Quickly but neatly spoon some of your ricotta mixture onto the dough and lightly spread over the surface using the back of your spoon. You should have a very thin layer going all the way out to about a half an inch from the rim of the dough.
  9. Give the peel (or pan) a quick jiggle to make sure the dough is still loose and not stuck then add mozzarella and garlic.
  10. Rip prosciutto into small pieces and distribute evenly across pizza.
  11. Jiggle the peel (or pan) to make sure your pie is still loose (if not, try to add some flour under the sticky portion and jiggle again)
  12. Add Brussels sprout leaves and red pepper.
  13. Open your oven and, using an oven mitt, pull out the top rack a bit to allow easy access to Pizza Shelf. Transfer your pizza onto your Pizza Shelf (once the dough touches, it will stick instantly, so aim for a spot near the back and withdraw your peel or pan in one quick smooth motion)
  14. Using an oven mitt, push the top rack back in and close your oven door
  15. In about 90 seconds, open the door and check your pie, you should see little dark blisters emerging on the surface of the dough. If the pizza appears to be cooking unevenly, rotate using your peel or a metal spatula
  16. When desired level of doneness is reached, remove pizza using your peel or a spatula onto a pan or cutting board. Top with a bit of fig jam or preserves, (photograph, post to Instagram, #pizzashelf, etc), cut, and enjoy
  17. Your first pizza didn't come out perfect. That's ok. improve with the next one!
  18. Turn off your oven and leave Pizza Shelf inside until cool before cleaning (not less than 3 hours). We recommend Bar Keeper's Friend, warm water, and a sponge for cleaning. Be gentle on those Heatflection walls!

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